Winch Trucks

Nelson Bros offers Tandem, Tri-drive winch tractors, along with Texas Bed Trucks with the ability to deck off from their trailer to spot equipment on lease and stand 400bbl tanks. Our newest addition to the fleet is the 430” Big Bed standing at 7 feet tall at the back roll of the truck this thing is mean and ready for any job you can throw at it. Please contact our dispatch or sales team for pricing.


Hi Boys – with a live roll at the back, a kicker roll in the middle, and loads of ground clearance, the Hi Boy is great for the back country. The flat working deck is perfect for hauling rig matting, pipe tubs, shacks, and any other oilfield equipment.

Scissor Necks – these trailers are our most versatile trailer. With the ability to scissor the neck straight and be level with the rest of the deck, or scissor the neck down when working with construction equipment or loads where height is a concern. Multiple positions allow for the use of this trailer behind winch tractors or bed trucks.

Trombones – primary use of the trombone is to move over dimensional structures such as camp facilities, sea cans, and office structures.

Wheeler – primary use for this trailer is to move service rigs, or any loads that are overweight such as test vessels, boilers ect.

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